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Welcome to Our School Website

Welcome to Moor Allerton Hall Primary. Our school has great children who bring a wide range of excellent experiences to share. You will find as you go round school that classes are full of fabulous, friendly, smiley children who know how to learn together and look after each another. They are children who want to do well and become ‘high fliers’. Our staff are a great group of professionals who will support and challenge your children to help them become caring, confident, ambitious young people who achieve well. We believe working with families is essential, so we will keep parents & carers involved in their child’s learning and welcome them into school on a regular basis.

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Under the inspired leadership of the current headteacher, senior leaders, governors and staff have worked hard to make far-reaching changes which have rapidly and securely improved achievement.                                                                          Ofsted Report October 2012

This is a very exciting place to be part of just now as our school is on a journey of improvement towards excellence. We are very proud of the things we have already achieved in developing positive partnerships with our families, improving our curriculum and in creating a positive learning atmosphere in each of our classes.

We support children to achieve the best whatever their starting point. Learning here is fun, practical and interactive. We know children need a good balance between essential basic skills for reading, writing and calculating and wider skills to tackle learning about the world. We also think it is important that children learn how to learn, not just what to learn. Knowing how to work together to solve problems and discover answers is an essential life skill which help children to face the future confidently.

Moor Allerton Hall …giving your child the wings to fly.

A welcome video made by our school council